Modular Kitchen

The perfect kitchen is more than just cabinets, worktops and appliances; it is a room that reflects your personality and lifestyle.

Whether you wish to create an original kitchen or capture a familiar look, our experienced team of creative kitchen designers will help translate your vision into reality. Our approach is to give you exactly what your heart desires. SHAKERS gives you the liberty to express your views while maintaining architectural astuteness of your kitchen.

  • With SHAKERS, every entity of your kitchen can be designed to work harmoniously
  • Designed exclusively to reflect the owners' personality & lifestyle
  • Pre-coordinated kitchens designed to fit your budget perfectly.
  • Extra deep wall cabinet specially designed to give your more space & comfort.
  • Soft close doors & drawers make your kitchen noise-free & eliminate risk for trapped fingers.
  • Offering a full range of hobs and hoods for the perfect kitchen that help you 'Breathe pure' when you are indoors.
  • World-class accessories of your choice.